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Innocence and Landmark!

While I am waiting patiently and salivating at the same time for the Punjabi Makhani Pizza to be delivered, I figured I can divert my mind (and digestive juices) towards scribbling the 1st and looooong overdue post, from my brand spanking new Laptop.

Yep, finally got the beautiful Dell XPS 1530 delivered in Midnight Blue and it’s working like, me after an advance course with Guruji! That is to say it’s working clean, calm and fast and with pizzazz, élan and grace!

But I digress…

So now days I wander in the hallways of Landmark in search of accessories to glamorize my latest crush and software’s to build a long time relationship with her. And since I am still in the initial stages of relationship, I strongly support adorning it only with Original and handsomely expensive Software’s and Games, which I suppose, would last until she starts to nag me and start bailing out on me and stop being a good friend.

Thus far, I have accumulated GTA San Andreas, Sims 2 & breathtakingly scenic Crysis (Game of the year 2007) along with some random software’s. Haven’t finished either one yet though. I am more of a collector. An amasser of great things in life. Such as faithful friends and nurture them, which is another thing I haven’t done for quite some time.

I digress again…

So during one of such leisurely strolls in the fully stacked, brightly lit corridors of a shoppers delight in the heart of Spencer plaza - Landmark, I decided to check out the kids section. Her B’day was coming up and I thought to buy a gift (which I didn't), cuz the last time I bought it from the same section for her.

And just walking around in the tiny tots section by myself, suddenly I realized that I was feeling so much at ease here than in another sections! It was a strange yet uplifting feeling of being free to do whatever I wish to. This is the kids section, and they are free from judgments - to judge and to be judged at, both.

So I guess I, somehow got tuned to that energy of a child. Whatever a child does, it does with 100% originality and innocence without being wary of others watching. And that was the freedom I felt in the middle of the day, another afternoon when I was moping about job that isn‘t so great and random things, but more than that I was thinking about her.

The energy of the children’s section, of the fluffy Bears, Red and Yellow twin pony-tailed dolls, Puzzle pieces, basketball hoops, remote controlled toys, Indian Barbie, games we played as kids and some real kids strewn around is enough to raise anyone’s energy level, bring them in touch with themselves, drop the reality for sometime and fly with the imagination of a Kid, once again. And one can smile at another visitor there and they will smile back without reservations and without thinking “Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?”

And that’s what transpired that noon, in the kids section of bustling Landmark. Very simple, unassuming and underrated spiritual passage in the middle of the day.

Since then, I make it a point to be there whenever I am too much in touch with reality - which by the way is also described as Depression by authorities, to imagine again, dream the impossible again, see all the colors of life other than Black & White and realize that life actually is simple, until our mind and judgments complicate it and whatever the pressing problem seems to be at the moment, it is still an inconvenience and not a PROBLEM.

“If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you've got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.”

Another children’s delight I have been to lately is at Westside. Strangely cute and freakishly small costumes for tiny toddlers. Only a puppy can fit into those, not an offspring of Homosapiens! But I prefer Landmark, as even the ceiling is designed for the Munchkins and I have to hunch while prancing around there. Although Moti would have fit there easily…

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