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Academy Awards fever 2008.

I watched ‘Juno’ yesterday. Now it’s a movie about a teenage girl becoming pregnant. This is a premise that is so over-used and everybody knows how such a story unfolds and concludes. Add to it a step mom, the stigma attached to such a person & a community full of gawking peers and judgemental public.

However, this is where this movie is so unique & not clichéd. Juno is not preachy or depressing; it’s unapologetic and mature in its portrayal. It’s funny, quick, intelligent, warm & charming. And again, not ‘American Pie’ kind of funny, with wierd characters for friends, proms, booze, over dramatic parents or other such immature substance. But the humour comes from the soul of Juno.

The interactions between friends, boyfriends, parents, strangers etc. and the heartfelt way they explore there own truth as they trudge on along there path of life. It’s about following one’s truth, without explainations and also without being a martyr or a victim.

"I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?" : )

It's not loud at the same time it's forthright. It’s a beautiful movie, and for an adult subject like this, there are no explicit visual scenes & stellar cast which just adds to the beauty of the movie.

As I love heartfelt, true to life genuine things in the world this movie was a great watch. It's also been nominated for Academy awards this year, in the best motion picture and best actress category. This movie doesn't falters once, unlike the other nominated movies in the same category like 'Atonement', 'The Great Debaters', 'Michael Clayton' & 'No country for old men' which start brilliantly but looses their pace/direction only to manage a decent finish.

My best movie for Oscar's this year is 'Juno' and best animated flick can be no one else than 'Ratatouille' & best action 'The Bourne Ultimatum'.

2 Hitch Hikers:

manorath said...

finally downloaded the movie today.. i was thinkin f this movie to be similar to Riding in cars with boys..

O said...

you have GOT to update your blog!

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