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The Last Kiss.

This weekend I watched: The Last Kiss. Everybody makes choices - What's yours? It’s a drama disguised as romantic comedy with lot of depth & soul. It makes you laugh & compels you to reflect. It’s about realizing that life is all about making choices. We make some good choices & we make some bad choices out of ignorance. It’s about finding what you want from life & being true to yourself in that pursuit. It’s about realizing when you’ve made a wrong choice, accept its consequences & make corrections. It's about those times in your life when you are on crossroads & making a decision is all too painful & difficult. Honoring our responsibilities to those who we love & care is supreme - but at times doing so means contradicting our own feelings & desires. What ever we decide, we must be prepared to live with the consequences, because in the end that's our choice. It’s a story of 4 friends since babyhood & the relationships which they have/go through with people they come across. Backed with some very melodious music & skilled performances.

The main story is of the leading pair, perfect for each other, deeply & happily in love with each other, living together, about to have a baby & about to get married. The guy is living the perfect life, as he had dreamed it would be when he’d turn 29. However, this is when the guy freaks out that there will be no more mystery, no more adventure in his life. What happens next is there story. How he makes one bad choice & how there relationship is changed & how he realizes what he really wants out of life.

Another couple is married with a new born baby & how he feels suffocated with his neurtic & over bearing wife. His wife is too much stressed in trying to take care of there child that they forget they also have a relationship between them which is slowly turning sour. How he confronts this with her wife, the turmoil they go though & how they both decide what will work for both of them

Another guy is still in love with his child hood sweetheart, who has split with him. But since they share the same friends circle, he keeps bumping into him. And that’s a problem because although the girl has moved on to seeing other people, he is still in love with his first love. How he tries to handle his feelings & the hilarity that follows is his story.

Last guy is the guy who just wants to have fun with women with no attachments or comittments. What happens with him & how honest he is with what he thinks is right is his story.

Then there are the parents of the leading lady who have been married for 30 years, how they come to terms with their relationship, how they deal with their truth & quietly strengthen the relationship is their story.

The movie is beautifully interwoven with the deep friendships these 4 men share & their relationships. You know the kind of friendship where in your friend knows every little detail about you, all your dark secrets, the one with whom you can be as crass or as disgusting or as absurd as possible & he would still laugh with you or advice you, without judging you, he/she knows everything that you’ve been through, your likes & dislikes, the one who is your anchor, your refuge, the one you rely on when nothing makes sense, the ones you can go to even at midnight.

"It doesn't matter that you 'Love' her. What you feel is only for you. The only thing that matters is what you do to the people you say you love."

Recommended watching!

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