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Best Goodbye Ever...

Experienced an absolute Gem of a movie ‘Dasvidaniya - Best Goodbye Ever’. Extremely versatile and brilliant Vinay Pathak as usual is natural and Ranvir Shourey in a cameo is as always great. Music, supporting cast, dialogues, expressions everything are just top notch. It left me gasping for breath - laughter and lump in the throat, both. A must watch treat!!!

And it made me question what if you find out that your name is on somebody’s ‘Things to do Before You Die List‘? What if you drifted apart from that friend and it’s too late to make up? What if you are meeting a friend and you know this is the last time you will ever see her? Would I still live or be the way the I am now? Which false part of me will fall away?

is making me realize again and again that the best way to lead a happy, successful, joyous life is to have as less expectations as possible. Live in the moment. Source of most disappointments, anger, petty fights is expectations. One expects something, consciously or otherwise, and that does not transpire, emotions & sensations come up. Emotions of ego, jealousy, resentment and what not well up. And then one oscillates between blaming oneself or the other person over the non-event.

For e.g.: you called your friend and wanted to speak urgently about something important. You already are restless and your friend does not pick the phone up. What happens? You start imagining things. Why did she did not pick up? Doesn't she know you are calling for something important? She thinks no end of herself? She doesn't have a clue, and you start blaming her for nothing. And you blame yourself then. When all that happened was that you had expectations of your own.

Or while volunteering you start imagining that someone will do something and he does not or you were certain that this person would definitely come for the course and you go all huff-and-puff in your mind. Unconditional Love, gone with the wind.

Doesn’t mean one stops expecting at all. That itself is an expectation. But be aware of what it effects inside you. Dream without doer ship. Give your 100% to the action not to the thought of results.

The more I see around more I believe that we touch more lives, directly or indirectly, than we’ll ever know. And that makes me ask myself, will I value what I have now or still keep languishing about things I aspire for? When will I realize that I am richer with what I have, by whoever I am or whoever is in my life. When will I believe that no matter what, I am blessed.

Whatever did not happen for you, yet, it’s because right now in your life something else holds more value, is more important, than THIS girl or guy, than THIS job etc. You may or may not be ready for that, may or may not have worked hard and dreamed hard for that BUT there are even better things in store for you. Something that you can’t/won’t see now. Insight is the foresight that you realize only in hindsight. In due course you’ll see that everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good…

Oh and yeah, Dostana is good fun time pass. Special mention - Abhishek & John’s kiss!!! That’s the way, to be Happy and Gay...Maahi ve!!!

2 Hitch Hikers:

Tanmay Prabhudesai said...

Great blog!!

P.S:Yup Dostana was good..The kiss was the icing on the cake ^_^ and I want to watch Dasvidaniya..Vinay Pathak movies rock..

vp said...

Stunning photo, will watch the movie...

do chk my blog out...

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