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Message of Allah's Quran by SRK...

Well, it's no secret that I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. Irrespective of the fact that he overacts in his movies, he smokes, asks money to dance in someone else's wedding etc. I see him as a warrior who came from no where, with nothing more than a dream and won everything. Very spiritual person in his own way, extremely hard working, focused, down to Earth and an honest Indian. This is what he had to say in an interview with CNN-IBN about Islam, fundamentalism and Quran. I just love the way he puts things across.

There's been a lot of things said about terror attacks. I truly believe it has brought all of us together. Be it a bhaiya from U.P or Bihar and others staying in Mumbai or be it Hindu and Muslims. Divide and Rule doesn't work anymore. But should it take a crisis of this magnitude to unite us all, to rise above our petty differences? I sincerely pray and I know - not anymore. Blaming is politicians game, masses take responsibility now.

People who planned and committed such horrendous act will never be able to win by there sick minds. I genuinely feel sorry for them, because they will never ever experience peaceful sleep in a warm bed in a safe secure home filled with the laughter of their family, they will never know the happiness of a child born or a union made or serenity that dawns after forgiving someone and hugging them or the bliss of making someone smile. Not because they are bad people, but they are misdirected and there focus is on terror, how can they feel peace. I am truly sorry for them and wish that they come to light soon and that no one has to live with so much hatred and anger and ignorance in their hearts, ever.

Despite of what Amir Kasab did, I feel compassion for him. He will be punished for taking so many lives. But he is just 21 years old. His aspirations, his youth angst being misdirected by a handful of people too scared to venture out of their caves themselves. If only he could have experienced Sudarshan Kriya and the knowledge of Guruji, he would have directed his commitment to uniting people, to helping them....I know because not so long back I felt hatred and anger about everything too.

"For a person to be a terrorist somewhere he has to block his heart. Somewhere he has to block his feelings. If that block is removed he can't believe in violence. By broadening one's vision, spirituality can help." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

One question: In which corner were you hiding Mr. Raj Thackeray? Where was your Sena of eunuchs to fight against outsiders, the terrorists, now? You should have as well protested against non Marathi NSG commandos being deployed in 'your' Mumbai? Where are you bloody Bajrang Dal? Did you wear bangles in your hands rather than fulfilling your promise of being a self proclaimed protector of Indian Culture? Where the hell were you the communist gangs in Kerela? Why didn't you flex your muscles in front of Taj the way you do when spiritual courses are organized in Kerela? Shame on you! There is nothing Indian or even Hindu in the way you do things, you feckless thugs.

And lastly, as a youth, I feel proud that there has been lot of awareness lately, particularly among youths, and we all want change. We deserve better. So to start we must first become better ourselves. Come out of our 9-5 routine in tiny cubicles and do something much more important for youths accross the world and for our nation.

As it was said in 'Rang De Basanti 'Public memory is very short. Janta sab bhool jaati hai'. Let's not forget and go back to our slumber. We have awakened, let's get to work - together, in our own ways, may be, but let's do something about it. Let's bring the change we want, together. If you can't, at least support those who are, rather than criticizing or judging them. Only we can.

And one way to bring change is Yes!+ and Art of Living. It's a platform for Youths all over the world to bring a positive, peaceful and lasting change. It has already touched the lives of 300 Million people of all race, religion, age and preferences. It's a path of Love and Service. Peace and Strength. Serenity and Dynamism. Song and Silence. It's all-in-one.

That's my way. You are welcome too.

And as Mr. Obama says 'YES WE CAN!'.

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nice post!.beautiful video...

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