My Journey From Head to Heart
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This was my 2nd attempt at poetry for her.

Why does one loves?

Why does one loves another? is a question sometimes we ask
To find this out, is such a difficult task.
Do we ask the rays, why the sun glows?
Do we ask the fragrance, why the wind blows?
Do we ask the ocean, why the water flows?
Do we ask the mountain, why does it snows?
Do we ask a seed, why does it grows?
The answer is; that's how god wanted it to be

& thus is god's wish for me, to love thee!
Love shouldn't be difficult; love shouldn’t be this hard,
It's not understood with the head, but is to be caressed with the heart.
You can't analyze, then bisect this & dissect that and then open it all apart
Coz my dear it's my heart and not your architecture chart!

That night when you were sleeping, I watched you for a while
That night when you were sleeping, all I could do was look at U...& smile.
That night when you were sleeping, I kept holding your hand
That night when you were sleeping, I knew this is where my heart will land.
That night when U were sleeping, the beating of my heart I could hear,
That night when you were sleeping, I know I could cry tears but still want you near.
I can still feel the fragrance and softness of your hand,
& ur lips parted as u broke into a smile, u hugged me closer & the moment was grand.

When I close my eyes I see your face,
When I sleep, I feel you and I embrace,
When I worship I pray
That you find the way
to my heart by 'his' grace.
When I laugh, I realize you are behind,
When I cry, You, I cannot find.

Cupid must have hit me with more than an arrow or two,
coz no matter what happens, I can't stop lovin' You.
Sometimes you take me for granted,
And that's not what I wanted,
I have learnt some things from my past,
To be able to look at my self in my own eyes, is one of that.
I have my dignity,
Please do not try to take it away with ur vanity.

I know U too feel something inside.
That, U do always want to hide.
U too want to fly, U too want to soar,
It’s has been a long moment in time for U to be trapped behind doors.
I want to give U wings; I want to fly 2,
And when U do, I want to be next to U.
I want to reach out and into U
I want U to reach out to me too.
I want to listen to your pain,
And those feelings of loss & fear which u still retain.

I want to travel with the rays of your hope; I want to soak in the warmth of ur smile,
I want to taste your tears; I want to walk with ur doubts
I want to brush away all the dark clouds,
I want to dive deep into ur heart & touch ur soul.
I have known U inside me in the waking hours long before we met,
A possibility to love you, I do desire to get.
Your voice, ur words, ur touch, ur presence, ur spirit to me is sublime,
For U I shall wait till the end of time.
I want you to give me some sign,
That 1 day I’ll be yours & U’ll be mine.

More than myself I Love You,
Coz 'I' have died for myself and in 'U' I live.
From you all my powers & strengths emerge,
In you all my efforts & hopes converge.
Life has a purpose, with U in my dreams,
But in your absence, death looks more meaningful.

In this story I might be the only person, who dies,
And I'll die because I Love You
And U don't seem to get a clue,
But One day, someday, something will warm your cold cold heart,
And U will find me gone, long gone, dead
In fire & blood.

But until then let my heart churn,
and for you it must yearn.
And then when I have crashed & burned
I hope this truth you would have learned,
That, you knew love all along,
That I loved you...just You and nobody else
Not ur semblance, not ur body,
...I just loved you, without a reason or excuse.
With Love,
~ @$h…

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