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Ab na jaa...

Yesterday was bhaiya's brother's 'Roka' ceremony. Though it took me quite a while to understand that's what it was. Both, the bride & the groom were not present & we were invited to the 'Engagement' ceremony. Anyway, had nice time with cutie cheeks Sarveshvar & Shrikhar jumping all over 'Ashwani anna'. Food was delicious! Felt good while doing some 'service' after a long time, for the oldies. It's interesting to imagine how the families from both the sides would have come together, began a new relationship & have become one family. Just think, a few months ago they probably did not even know each other & even if they did they wouldn't have thought that the girl of one family & the boy from another family will bind them all together. That, I think, is one beauty of the institution of marriage.

Saw her during the ceremony yesterday. I wanted to talk to her, but I knew I won't. Not untill she wants to talk first. In fact I don't even look at her directly nowdays, coz that just reminds me how much I miss her. That's the reason i did not attend the satsang by our new band. I wanted to be there & cheer for her, sing with her, but...I missed her a lot esp. in the past 2 days. I got angry also thinking how can she not call or message me for so long. She left little early too. Got to know that she got upset coz other guys were teasing her for something. She even cried a lil' bit. She is not the kind who generally cries, at least not in front of others & not for something silly. Felt bad. Thought of messaging her, but didn't. Atleast I am not the one who is making her cry... or may be I am, dunno.

Nostalgia engulfs me

She was dressed in something like this lady in Euphoria's song. As soon as I saw her, this song - my favorite, just leaped up into my consciousness. Got nostalgic. Everything in this song reminds me of her & times we had together. Lyrics sing, what I feel. The candles, the snap, lyrics, bracelet, ear-rings, rain....Everything brings up this memory or that. I was sitting on the terrace of my home late in the night, enjoying the cool breeze, listening to this song, reading her messages, looking at her snaps. Feeling nostalgic but not sad. Few tears rolled down, but didn't feel sad, just missed talking to her & being with her & doing things with her.

I really hope we start talking at least on my B'day. That'll be the best gift I can ask for. That is my B'day wish.

4 Hitch Hikers:

Goli said...

Is bhaiya's brother, should be brother only na,... or I missed something completely :D

In Search Of Love said...

Bhaiya is my Art of living teacher & it was HIS brother's engagement ceremony. So, bhaiya's brother. :)

Anonymous said...

Senti Very Senti..

In Search Of Myself said...

Yeah, it was... :). Read this after a long time. Just got flashback of that night.

I heard this somewhere recently - "If you look back at the year gone by and you do not shed a tear and feel happy by it or you do not shed a tear and feel sad about it; that was a year lost!"

2007 was a great year. Very moving. Learnt a LoooooT!!!

P.S: I really wish that Anon ppl can sign off with their names...

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