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Brand new day, brand new course. This course is even more special coz I've worked on it from the scratch. Getting a database of people to call, calling approx. 80 people in just 2 days, leading other people, organizing the venue, talking to VVKI & other people for course requirements etc.

People are so funny. You offer them a fantastic life changing opportunity to experience & they will come up with all sorts of silly reasons to convince themselves why they can't do it. "I can't do the course, because the venue is very far." Yeah right, Mayajaal to bagal mein hai na, when you want to see a movie, or pondi is next door when you want to go for a outing. 1 girl "I cannot do the course coz my home is 4 Km from the venue & at night I'll have to go alone". 9:30 is night for you? And they say women is equal to men in all ways. Even security watchmen doesn't sleep by that time. Or "My office gets over by 5:30, so I cannot reach the course by 5:30'. Bloody, then organize, manage & finish your work & leave 30 minutes early for 5 days. "My mummy doesn't allow". Are you sure you are not 80 years old? When you wanted that 2k dress or bike then how'd you convince your mom???

Anyway, I put in my 100% & I was able to exceed the target set by bhaiya.

There are 3 type of questions & 3 kinds of listening.

1) Superfluous: E.g How are you? You don't really want to know or are intereted in knowing the answer, but still you ask. Ueless, pointless questions likes asking a friend in a theatre: What are you doing here?

2) 2nd type of question is a question, answer to which, you already know. This question is asked for 2 reasons:
a) To show off that you know the answers or for confrontation with the person you asked the question to, to prove he does not know it.
b) For confirmation. To get a seal of approval from someone verifying that the answer which you had, was in fact correct.

3) Question that comes out of a honest or prayerful mind. Where you really want to know the answer * question is realy important.

It is said in Upanishads, that for a question to qualify as a right question it should meet following criteria: It should be asked to the right person, at right time, in right manner, in right place & then, may be you will get a right answer.

3 types of listening are:

1) Intellectual: Where you hear from your head & your mind is constantly saying either 'Yes, Yes' or 'No, No'. You are not really listening to what the other fellow is saying, you are listening to what you want to listen, to the information, right or wrong, that is in your head.

2) Emotional: You are blown away by the speaker, however the effect lasts a short time. You listen from your heart.

3) When you listen from a prayerful, objective mind. Where there are no judgements.

This will be another blissful & fantastic experience.

2 Hitch Hikers:

Vidya said...

hmmm i think u r being lil harsh here...ppl can have valid reasons 4 nt doin d course...
anyways u guys surely knw hw to convince;-)

In Search Of Myself said...

@Vidhya: There's no reason big enough for not doing the course AT ALL.

There might be situational unavoidable circumstances which might DELAY a person doing the course, however I am convinced, and that's just me, that every person MUST do this course, if not for anything else, then for the sheer fun of 7 days, the feeling of natural YOU and the Freedom one experiences and the value add that it brings to other-wise routine oridnary life.

Or any other course for that matter, which empowers him/her, let's them feel themselves, Connects them to themselves and others, brings them to the path of seva,together. Sounds cliched, but it does teaches how to tackle relationships, stress,emotional issues etc. which no other course does.

So to sum it up I think knowledge, seva & belongingness is utmost, this course or another. Since I have only done this (and couple others), I can confidently vouch for this path.It's start of a journey, a beautiful and tough one at that.And esp. presence of the Guru makes this course so special & stand apart from the crowd. :-)

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