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My 1st attempt at writing poetry for her.

I am sorry, for the things I said
Coz even though I want to, I can't take them back,
I am sorry, coz I hurt you
But I was hurt too,
I am sorry, coz I made you feel bad
I guess I had gone mad,
I am sorry, that I was mean
But every time you seem to go far away, I just want to scream,
I am sorry, that I am not good enough
But I'll be there when the journey is rough,
I am sorry; I don't know what else I shall do
But I do know, with all my heart - I Love You.
Please Forgive Me, for making U sad
I don't know, what went into my head,
Please forgive me, as now nights are lonely & chilly
I am sorry, for being so silly ,
I Miss You & I pray
That U choose not to go away,
Remember all the good times we had,
& all the things, into the night, over countless messages we shared,
I am hoping you stay
And in the cradle of Love, Fun, Joy, Bliss, Care, Understanding, Patience, and Belongingness...our Friendship will always sway.
So, what shalt thou say?
Do U want to pack up or do U wanna play?
We are 2 sweet n stupid people, who go coockoo sometimes & we should always be together,
Coz not doing so, will be a crime against nature!
I can't seem to think of more words, which seem to ryhme,
Coz U have infected me with Ur infectious enzymes!
I do need someone to look after me and some one to care,
if U cant do it, even though I do it for U, then do it for my pretty, silky hair(?) (Koi aur line ja rahi nahi thi)
Please bear me sometimes, for the ways in which I act
and if still U r not coming back, I am going to cum n kick ur butt!

P.S: She liked it!

1 Hitch Hikers:

jayshree said...

:) nice poetry spcly d last few lines "kuch aur line ja nahi rahi thi"

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